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Hammer Protection
Hammer protection


The maximum protection determined by spirits fired by an unquenchable faith.

As light as a pencil

The bumper is super-lightweight, weighing at only 12 grams (less than half an ounce) yet it is still fully capable of providing at least the same level of impact protection as many leading brands or any other brick-like case product.

Different colours, same protection

RhinoShield Crashguard was designed by Evolutive Labs. The team at Evolutive Labs is committed to innovation using our strong material science and engineering background.

Being safe is a seldom touch

Enjoy your Device style and the personalized look with the new bumper style case. A custom formulated polymer made up of The INNOVATION, the revolutionary structure called HONEY COMB.

Improving the shock absorption like never experienced.

Despite being incredibly unbreakable, it's surprisingly flexible and resisting the large forces, even for military experiments.


Fitting your devices tightly without even knowing it's there. Enjoy your mobiles clear volume with the thinnest and lightest bumper acquired by the matte finish for better gripping.

live Simply

A million reasons your mobiles are worth saving...

For those devices who allowed us to magically talk face to face with our beloved ones anywhere on Earth.

The Biggest Reveal 

You better update your SMART-WATCH  Style 

For the love of doing the impossible, from mobile shields to interior car protection films... "But obviously not teaching dogs how to talk". Your smartwatch is about to take its first steps towards welfare and safety.

Navigate through the chicest varieties and the most exclusive offers! For a real meaningful mobile life.

Once you're never out of warranty.

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