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Hammer Protection
Hammer protection
  • What are the taken precautions to assure that your products aren't contaminated with COVID-19?
    Our distribution centers are routinely sanitized and checked on regular basis to ensure that any of our products haven't been exposed to the virus.
  • Do the COVID-19 regulations affect any orders placed through online?
    We're expecting no delays at the moment, subject to change according to health and safety precautions without a prior notice.
  • When will you release the new promotion?
    For the sake of loving good deals, you can always navigate through the chicest opportunities and the most exclusive offers! For a real meaningful mobile life. Click here for more details…
  • Are you offering any loyalty program for your frequent customers?
    Indeed, once you reach the right place at the right time you definitely shall be awarded. Please, click here to learn more…
  • Is there any special promo-code for friends and family?
    Absolutely, since so much is conveyed by a gesture, we are offering all our members their own invitation code to increase their redemption points and gift their beloved with special discounts. Ask about your redemption points here…
  • What is the Hammer salable products?
  • What are the materials that your products are made of?
    Our products are made of the finest formula of the “Polyurethane” with the “Terephthalate” and the strongest vinyl.
  • What is the Polyurethane?
    It is a commonly encountered polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate links. polyurethane is produced from a wide range of starting materials and is therefore a distinct compound of polymers.
  • What are the countries of origin for the “Hammer Unlimited Protection” products?
    The materials used for manufacturing our products are made in the U.S.A, Korea and Taiwan.
  • What are the types of your screen protectors?
    Here we offer your mobiles two types of screen protectors. “The Hammer Impact Screen Protection” and “The Poly Screen Protection”. Learn more…
  • Do you offer different types of coating for each screen protector?
    Definitely, for your viewing pleasure; “Hammer” offers you two types of screen protectors’ filters. “The Glossy” or “The Matt”. For details, please click here…
  • Does the screen protector cause any damage to my device?
    On contrary, our products are using the best materials in the protection industry to guarantee you the safest solutions. And will never affect the touch screen functionality or sensitivity.
  • What is the thickness of the “Hammer/ Poly Impact” screen protector?
    The “Hammer Impact” screen protector is 0.37mm thickness, while the “Poly Impact” screen protector is 0.22mm thickness.
  • Do your screen protectors cover the curves?
    For sure they do, Hammer is using the latest edge-to-edge protection designs. Moreover we use the 360° shielding for more protection.
  • Can I apply a screen protector while using a case-bumper?
    Certainly, our case friendly products are designed and customized to work with cases that go around the edges of your mobile screen.
  • Will the screen protector get broken if exposed to a twist?
    No, by using the most up-to-date revolutionary formulas while innovating; we considered flexibility, that allows the screen protection getting bended without getting broken.
  • What’s “Self-healing” technology and how does it work?
    It’s the purpose to which our heart and soul are given. By using the magic touch of warm temperature to heal the minor scratches and bringing your screen surface back in shape…
  • How strong does the screen protector resist shocks/ scratches?
    The “Hammer Impact” screen protector is six times stronger with the ability of 90% shock absorption, while the “Poly Impact” screen protector is four times stronger with the ability of 60% shock absorption.
  • Does the screen protector leave any bubbles while installing or residues if removed?
    Not a chance. By using the “Nano-adhesive” a very unique formula which was invented to prevent that kind of issues.
  • Does the screen protector retain fingerprints or oil smudges?
    Not really, a whole layer of protection has been added to our screen protectors to resist that kind of stains and guarantee you a crystal-clear look.
  • Does the screen protector affect vision or gripping style?
    Our protectors enhance the gripping style, maintain a smooth touch and don’t affect the pristine device vision.
  • How does your products withstand “Eyestrain”?
    “Hammer” screen protectors are enhanced with eye cooling formula that provides an advanced light control defense which effectively block the harmful blue lights produced from the mobile devices.
  • Are your products Bacterial resistant?
    Yes, thanks to the antibacterial technology in the surface of our screen protectors.
  • Can I replace the product or exchange it?
    Despite being exceptional, Hammer insists in making its products last too long, all you need is to get to the nearest branch for replacement.
  • Where do you make your skins/ the used materials?
    The materials used for manufacturing our products are made in the U.S.A, Korea and Taiwan from the strongest vinyl.
  • Why should I use a skin/ skins privileges?
    Glamorous skins are the most innovative solution to change the device style from old fashioned to a trendy look that fits and matches your style. More details here…
  • Do you apply skins on any device?
    Glad you asked, yes, we do apply skins on smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, audio and gaming devices, while each skin is totally unique and differs from another with texture, thickness, color, design or style. Know more…
  • What is the brand of your bumper-cases?
    Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper NX
  • What is the bumper made of?
    Our shock spread material is super tough, surpasses US military drop test standard (MIL-STD 810G), flexible, thinner and incredibly difficult to break.
  • What’s the “Honeycomb”?
    It’s a hexagonal pattern lines the inner surface of our case, improving shock absorption by up to 10%.
  • Can I install the screen protector by myself?
    You can probably install a screen protector; as they are made for consumers to be able to install themselves, but that doesn’t mean everyone should. If you do have a store install it for you, don’t sweat it.
  • What if I accidently mess it up while installing?
    Don't shed a tear, go to the experts and ask them for a replacement (only the exchange fee will be applied).
  • Does the product affect the original coating after installing?
    Hammer screen protectors are more likely to take the impact than your original mobile screen without affecting the display quality. Instead, our products reinforce the original coating with an additional “Oleophobic Coating”.
  • Is it hard to remove any of your products after installing?
    It’s not rocket science! Actually, you could remove it with your eyes shut. All you need to do is to softening the adhesive with some heat (a hairdryer would be perfect), make a gap in a corner then gently pull it up.
  • Can I use alcohol to clean any of your products?
    Nothing more than 70% concentrate is recommended…
  • How long are the products under warranty cover?
    Celebrate, it’s a “Lifetime” warranty.
  • What does the warranty policy cover and its duration?
    Every and each, even the misuse.
  • What is required for a warranty claim/ Do I need to provide a proof of my purchase?
    Old product/ copy of the purchase receipt/ warranty agreement. Meanwhile, if you lost the old product, a charge of 60% of the product’s cost may apply.
  • Where can I submit a warranty claim/ How do I request a replacement?
    Warranty claims can be submitted from all our branches, check the nearest.
  • When will I receive the replacement?
    Upon presence.
  • When will I receive an update on my replacement status?
    You should receive an update within 72 hours.
  • what's your retailer warranty policy? If I purchased my product from a retailer, can I get a warranty replacement?"
    that's only eligible if your product was purchased from an authorized retailer.
  • Do you collect fee against warranties?
    We do collect a small handling fee for all warranties as it allows us getting you a replacement product as hassle-free as possible.
  • Why was my claim denied?
    Your contact information hasn’t been validated. Or an excessive number of warranty claims placed by you or on your behalf.
  • What if my product is no longer on warranty or is out-of-stock?
    We can check to see the best alternatives, for faster processing, please contact our customer center.
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