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Hammer Protection
Hammer protection

About Us




By believing mobiles have become our personal assistants, giving us all boundless knowledge and the endless tools for creativity; you have to step out of shadows and protect yours.

Once it comes to safety, let the experts talk, topics will get differed no doubt.

It was a mess when we got here, 4 years earlier, in the middle of the dark ages for mobile devices when the Scratches took over that era. Mobiles were waiting for us, helping them fighting the lord of Cracks.

Spreading the era of Protection and safety.

Mobiles safety is our highest concern and protecting your devices is our pure passion. The shielding process of your vulnerable portable devices like smart phones/ tablets/ laptops/ smartwatch/ audio and gaming devices/ and the camera parts, against any potential damage threats. Is what we do.

Story of Hammer

Our core Values

Feelings will shift everyday, behaviors may also shift... But the core values will always remain. By pouring our souls and hearts, we came up to the Hammer concept and the harmony of "The STRIKE"...

 Safety Solutions: For a granted satisfaction.

RespectOut of a reliable partner towards our community.

Key: The power of knowledge, the key to every issue.

Trustworthy Lifetime Companion: For a thankful team offering you the products and the after selling services, we ourselves are wishing to receive.

Insightful Integrity: The concept of deserving the best made by the most initiative talented hands.

Elite: The endless excellence, everybody deserve to experience.

Our mission

Our vision

On that occasion, mobile protection has become this much delight and recreation.

Providing a helping hand to the world, escorting them to the change they ever dreamed to be. Enhancing lifestyles through a real branded products and services of elevated value and quality.

We are here, spreading the fun into the world, refining the details of comfort and providing one-of-a-kind product.

On a value-based core, we are flying towards a worry-free environment field with positive vibes.

A world with no more scratches. 

Realizing the full potential of the protection materials; to drive a new era of growth now and for future generations. 

Safety is our responsibility, our number one core value and the fundamental part of our business, providing it in its best shape for our musketeers, customers and community is what we're keen on.

Why US ?

Did you ever know that a bad protection film could drain your phone battery? 
Have you ever found a scratch on your mobile screen, wondered where did it come from!?

Which screen protector is right for your device!? Always remember what you don't know may change your life..
Before all else, you don't need a permission to choose right, Dare being powerful. Once it's about choosing make sure you're selecting the fastest growing company to guard your valuables. Select Hammer.

Enabling you expanding your mobile life by the finest US materials, great products, exclusive offers, exciting collections, authentic designs created specially for you... And a trustworthy LIFETIME WARRANTY. Be the wonder.

Get in the game with the glassy feeling and the clearest volume effect. Take better photos, text with one hand and get the real viewing pleasure while expressing yourself loudly.

For those tiny teeny little hands playing with your mobile, "kids will always be kids"! Never upset them and keep 'em playing with no more worries. With an antimicrobial coating , natural attraction formula perfectly bearable. We provide the ultimate protection for small hands.

Our Gallery

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Mall Of Arabia, Gate 22, Infront of Lapoire and Beano's Cafe, Giza, Egypt

City Stars Mall, Phase 1, 01st Floor, Boulevard 5 Infront of Auntie Anne’s and Hamleys, Cairo, Egypt.

City Stars, Phase 2, 02nd Floor, Infront of Lacoste and H&M, Cairo, Egypt

City Stars, Phase 3, -1 P. Floor, beside Bekky Barber, Cairo, Egypt

Point 90 Mall, 2nd Floor Infront Klash And Cinemas, New Cairo, Egypt

Heliopolis Passage, 110 El-Sayed El-Merghany, Almazah, Cairo, Egypt

San Stefano Mall, 2nd Floor Infront of Xiaomi and 2B, Alexandria, Egypt

City Center Almaza, Ground Floor infront of Naga Homme, Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo Festival City, mall 2nd floor, infront of 2B & Xiaomi, Cairo, Egypt

City Center Alexandria, Infront of Max & Guess, Alexandria, Egypt

Mall Of Tanta, Gate 4, Infront of Lc-Waikiki, Tanta, Egypt

Open Air Mall, Gate 1, Infront of B2 , Madinaty, New Cairo, Egypt

Geish Street, Next to Mansoura Stadium, El Mansoura, Egypt

Chill Out Gas Station , 90th Street, New Cairo, Egypt

Our Branches


Here's the light to find your way.
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