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Hammer Protection
Hammer protection

Despite the flawless of "Hammer Protection" 

products; a Lifetime Warranty would be the

unexpected possibility.

The Eternity Resurrection.
A million reasons your mobiles are worth saving.
Those who allowed us to magically talk face to face with our beloved ones anywhere on Earth.

Warranty :
Terms & Conditions :

1. "Hammer Protection" offers free replacement for 30 days from the date of purchase "as per Consumer Protection Agency" rules, "article 1 band 17" against manufacturing defects instead of cash refund.

2. Following purchase and installation, we offer 30 days period within which we will resolve any issue with your "Hammer Screen Protection" or "Glamorous Skins" product for free, except for issues resulting from personal misuse.

3. Alcohol based material (perfume, make up, etc.) have a negative effect on "Hammer Protection" products and are considered misuse.

4. After the 30 days period, we offer world-wide lifetime warranty with an SMA installation charge. To enjoy a lifetime replacement, you must have the original (old) "Hammer Protection" product, except for "Bumpers Crash guard" replacement, 60% from original price should be paid.

5. All "Hammer Screen Protection" products are made in USA and offer scratch protection, and shocks prevention but they cannot prevent your device from breakage.

6. You must present a receipt of purchase; in order to claim your lifetime warranty + the original (old) "Hammer Protection" product, else if thrown away you will be charged with 60% of the original product price.

7. The lifetime warranty applies only on the same device that was originally protected with mobile like-for-like replacement.

8. After changing any of "Hammer Protection" products more than 5 times within 30 days, you can never get a cash refund due to "Consumer Protection Agency" rules in Egypt.

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