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Hammer Protection
Hammer protection

Screen Protector

Keep the flawless you love with a trusted protection and the best shield ever for your screens! If you have a HAMMER, you tend to see every problem as a nail for you to crash.

Being amazing isn't that easy!

Calling to mind one of the best lessons I got from Ghandi 'Be the CHANGE you want to see'. Let us express the age of Polymeric Materials.

Enjoy the astonishing Protection Layers! Those remarkable layers of the most revolutionary formulas, providing you with the experience you're looking for to enjoy a meaningful mobile time on earth with the adjustability you're searching for.

Be entertained with the Nano Adhesive unique formula, no more bubble, no more residues into your mobiles screens.

Overcoming the unpredictable shocks. While enjoying the true Unbreakable Flexibility  and the exceptional Self-Healing Technology for minor scratches to get your mobile screen back on shape.

Nevertheless be amused by that Smooth Touch and the Glossy Feeling you're looking for, all that along with the unique HD ClarityAnti-Yellowing. Or the Matt Coating which prevents Fingerprints and equipped with Sunlight Reflection Resistance for a real viewing pleasure that enabling you facing the reality.

Learn more about the Dispersion Technology guaranteeing you the desired shock absorption with the highest anti-shock decrease percentages with the same Self-Healing Science.


Owning a Lifetime Warranty.

Spin Up new adventures!

Hammer Impact Screen Protector

Safety has always been an explosive expression for humanity! Something we are all touched by. 
Features of protection:

Shock spread filter:

What you expect is what you get:

- It's all up to you! Thanks to the shock spread filter, we have entered a new age of the unprecedented convenience; offering you a situation that requires a choice between equally desirable alternatives! Every decision you make, makes your satisfaction:

1- The Glossy Look Filter:

With an HD clarity! You know, the more clarity, the greatest beauty lies in.- "How lovely yellow is!" This is what Van Gogh said before experiencing it on his mobile screen! Avoid the age marks with the genius Anti-yellowing formula.

2- Matt Coating look filter:

- When the glare blinds, a matt coating is our only hope! 
- A full resistance of oil smudging, fingerprints and sun reflections.
- It's not your screens that you'd leave your fingerprints on! You leave them at the police station.

- Both options guarantee spreading shocks perfectly all over the device.

Poly Impact Screen Protector

Features of protection

Never consider a scratch, a crack or a smudge! Do it the classy way.

Size and coverage space

The key to safety lies in the ability to reach out of higher dimensions:

In Hammer L.P we're taking the lead in protection industry!

With the thickness of 0.22mm, offering you 5 unique, spectacular layers and 360° coverage.

Assembling for a rescue mission.

Living the adventure of saving the beauty of a sparkling screen.

Dispersion Technology

Protection can flourish in an environment where flexibility is accepted.

With the dispersion impact for an unbreakable twist, full safety is granted.
- Look what happens to the branches of a tree if they refuse bending to the weirdness f wind! They break... But not our "back-in-shape" "self-healing" screen protectors.
- A formula that enhance your screen abilities, for a better fight against minor scratches.

Damping Impact

Avoid the blow, will prevent the bruise

It hurts deeply when you are unprepared

His eyes look on mine wide and wild, when I dropped his brand new smartphone! Pure thump has flashed from the ground! But that gaze simply and peacefully disappeared, as his phone was fortified by a damping impact layer into its screen protector. 

- A wonderful quality layer of protection film, is science gift that sincerely care to satisfy you. Including shock absorption characteristics 4 times stronger and 60% decrease.

Nano Adhesive Impact

Mobiles Ghosts


A beast with a hundred thousand arm- What is really worse than a bubble on your mobile screen is the residues that make your mobile looks like an entity out of 'Lord of the rings' or something! And that called us to use the Nano adhesive formula!

A clear screen brings peace upon your eyes; as a crystal that doesn't crack! Enabling you seeing the reflection of the future.

Carbon Impact

Everyone is shocked!

But not everyone is pleased:

Adding a carbon layer was a real act of brilliance! For the ease of touching and viewing experiences.- Live smooth! As a smooth screen and the perfect image clarity are the best to turn to when having a rough day.

Shock spread filter

Once it's about protecting your mobile devices, a shock spreading filter will be what you really are looking for.

A filter made by wisdom and science! Spreading shocks wider than rumors.

Yet! The most important thing is to be free to choose what makes you happy:

1- The Glossy Look Filter

HD clarity! For a screen that looks like a twinkling diamond with the resistance and survival skills for keeping its luster.

- Anti-yellowing formula! Quit haziness, it's not an autumn rusty red falling leaf.

2- Matt Coating Look Filter:

- For the proper use of indirect lighting, reducing glare and eventually,

  much healthier! 
- A full resistance of oil smudging, fingerprints and sun reflections.
- As simple as putting a new pair of sunglasses and blending in!

- Both options guarantee spreading shocks perfectly all over the device.

Once you're never out of warranty.

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