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Hammer Protection Promotions

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Our promotions contain offers, discount coupons, free samples distribution, contests, festival discounts. In other words, they are our enlightening tool about the new arrivals and services offered by “Hammer Unlimited Protection”.

Promotion is one of our most preferred communication channels between our members and us! Since it helps simplifying our products’ representation

The key to finding your way!

  • Advertising

Advertising is communicated through various mass media, the traditional ones such as outdoor branding or direct mail; and the new media such as social media platforms, websites or text messages.

  • Self-Promotion

Here, when you directly come across one of our “Hammer Ambassadors” in any of our branches who are knowledgeable and ready to pitch for their products, discounts and services.

  • Public Relation

Hammer’s magical recipe and the practice of spreading our “Word” across our members and the public, through campaigns and live events! Popularly known as PR.

Despite the variety of “Hammer International” promotions but ironically, they last for short periods!

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