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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Mobile’s safety is our highest concern and protecting your devices is our pure passion. The shielding process of your vulnerable portable devices like smart phones/ tables/ laptops/ smartwatch/ audio and gaming devices/ and the camera parts, against any potential damage threats.

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Our greatest glory isn't in never falling, but in keeping rising from where others kept falling...

07 years earlier, we came up with an idea, not fitting for current times but for the future...

It all happened when I tried grabbing my phone out of my pocket and I found that scratch on its screen. I strayed into my subconscious... It's time to open the park...

Here we go,, it was our first day in Wonderland, the most splendiferous amusement place ever. And here HAMMER was creating a new ride. But first our musketeers were getting ready to open the gates.

Let's spread some wonders...

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When your mobiles get scratched, that messes with you mentally, it's all about protecting your mobiles. Act like the man of the house... But that doesn't mean going out and buy guns.

Nowadays, we're all glued to our mobile devices. Every single day, every single moment. Some for fun and some for tasks, involving our sensitive data and precious memories which creates a larger need for safety.

Once it comes to safety, let the experts talk,, topics will get differed no doubt.

It was a mess when we got here, 07 years ago, in the middle of the dark ages for mobile devices when the Scratches took over that era. Mobiles were waiting for us, helping them fighting the lord of Cracks. Spreading the era of Protection and safety.

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