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Hammer Protection
Hammer protection
  • IPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector (Hammer)
  • IPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector (Hammer)
  • IPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector (Hammer)

IPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector (Hammer)

  • Compatibility
    • Hammer Impact Screen Protector: Specially designed screen protector for iPhone series. Thickness of 0.37mm and 7 revolutionary layers of Polymeric with Terephthalate protection films, an undeniable formula of safety is offered. (For Hammer Impact Protection)
    • Key Features
      • Case – Friendly Design! Leaves enough space for the case to protect your phone.
      • Self – Healing Technology! The ability of healing the minor scratches on the screen surface and getting it back in shape whenever it gets stretched.
      • Nano – Adhesive Technology! No more bubbles, no more residues
      • The Outstanding Oleophobic Coating, to maintain the device original condition
      • Anti – Yellowing! Showing the true colors of the screen
      • 100% Touch Sensitivity! Superiorly Sensitive Give you a smoother touch like original screen.
      • 100% Scratch Resistance! 06 Times Stronger! Protect your phone professionally
      • 90% Extra Shock Absorption! 9H shock resistance
      • Transparent to provide HD Clarity

    Note: “Screen Protector” is smaller than the actual size of the phone to ensure it is compatible with cases; doesn’t cover the full screen!

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